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Elisa Cho is a Bergen County, NJ native with diverse experience and a true passion for the job. She is a full time real estate agent and her mission is to represent her clients, both buyers and sellers, with their best interest in mind and while proactively utilizing her expertise in real estate and technology to ensure all aspects and intricacies of the transaction are communicated in a timely manner and run smoothly from start to finish.

Prior to working in real estate, Elisa has worked as a nurse, marketing director and entrepreneur where she credits this background with giving her better rapport with clients and a deeper ability to respond positively to challenges with a tech savvy cutting edge approach.


조엘리사  c. 201-300-7838                                                 William Raveis Baer & McIntosh

Elisa Cho                        NJ/NY Licensed Real Estate Agent

여러분의 부동산에 더 나은 베네핏을 위해 “윌리엄 레이비스 베어 & 메킨토시”와 함께 해야 하는 이유!!!

  • 뉴 테크놀로지(인터넷, 이메일, 앱...)와 37년간 윌리엄 레이비스에서 검증된전문 데이타베이스를 바탕으로 고객 만족을 위한 "리스팅 시간 단축."
  • 전담 에이전트가 "꾸준하고 지속적인 정보제공과 상담"을 통해 고객 만족도 증가.
  • 전 세계적으로 "3500곳이 넘는 office 에서 12만명"이 넘는 전문 에이전트들이 열정으로 합심하여 “largest network” 구축, "better benefit"실현.